Lake Forest Acute Care

Dr. Mass

“If you’re not sure if this is the place to be, it’s a great place to start.”

Urgent care facilities are the starting point for many people seeking medical assistance. In that sense, Lake Forest Acute Care offers a wide range of services from seasonal allergies to imaging and labs, EKGs, and immunizations.

Our team interviewed Dr. Mark Mass, the Medical Director of Lake Forest Acute Care to learn more about their facility and share the unique story of these innovative healthcare providers. 

Cast21: Tell us more about Lake Forest Acute Care and what makes it unique.

Dr. Mark Mass: Lake Forest Acute Care is a full-service acute care center staffed by emergency medicine physicians where we take care of illnesses and injuries that occur on an episodic basis. We are always staffed with at least 1 ER doctor and support staff, so we can offer a higher level of care. We provide services for both work and home-related injuries.  

Cast21: During the pandemic, we saw a lot of doctors get burned out but your business grew. What motivates you?

Dr. Mark Mass: It is the ability to help and take care of patients because that’s what medicine comes down to. 

Cast21: For a patient who is unfamiliar with healthcare as an industry, what would you say to them if they are considering going to an academic medical center vs an independently owned organization?

Dr. Mark Mass: There are advantages to both. The academic medical centers have a large number of students so there’s a lot of learning and development involved. It can, however, be tough to have a personal experience with a large institutional system. In smaller independent practices, the staff is typically more invested in the patients and their community. 

Cast21: What do you think being a small business means to your community?

Dr. Mark Mass: I see the practice regularly through the community’s eyes. I hear about their experiences when they come in to see us. I’ve heard about how grateful they are that we are here. The fact that patients can come in, and know where to go when they need something. They feel confident that the doctors and nurses will take care of them when they do come in. That feedback is very rewarding.

Cast21: What is something you are proud of about Lake Forest Acute Care?

Dr. Mark Mass: One of the unexpected things we’ve had happened in our practice is a large number of students coming through our office. So far we’ve had 13 students come through as interns in medical school, 5 in PA schools, 1 in a clinical Ph.D. psychology program, and 8 in nursing school. That is something I also find very rewarding.

Thank you, Dr. Mass!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mass and the Lake Forest Acute Care team by visiting their website or calling 847.234.7950