Enhancing Patient Care

Cast21 elevates the health and comfort of you patients while streamlining care at your practice.

Enhancing Patient Care

Cast21 elevates the health and comfort of your patients while streamlining care at your practice.

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A Perfect Fit for Your Practice

Cast21 brings the latest advances in orthopedic technology to your practice to save you time, streamline care, and leave your patients smiling. Enjoy the flexibility of Cast21’s rapid and easy-to-use application process, which allows a variety of roles to apply the immobilization net.

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Why Physicians Love Cast21

  • Goes on quick and is easy to mold, meaning no endless wrapping or sticky mess.
  • Cures fast so patients can get on their way quickly with less discomfort.
  • Waterproof and breathable, which prevents complications such as infection and skin conditions with traditional casting.
  • Easy to use so other staff may be able to take over the application process from doctors.
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Why Medical Technicians Love Cast21

  • Easy to apply without water, heat, or additional equipment.
  • Built-in fail-safes to give you more freedom and confidence.
  • Removal does not require any special equipment - no scary cast saws!
  • Less mess and less cleanup than traditional casts.
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Why Admin & Ops Choose Cast21

  • Save space with reduced inventory and tools.
  • Reach more patients with your time savings.
  • This new technology does not require any upfront capital investment. No toasters, no scanners, and no water baths.
  • Drive demand for your practice with a unique offering.

Cast21 in Action

Rigid Support For Safe Healing

Cast21 performs as well or better than traditional casts while also being lightweight, breathable, and waterproof.

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Rapid Application Fitting

Cast21 takes just 3 minutes and 3 easy steps. First, slide the sleeve into position. Then fill the sleeve with our fast-curing resin. Finally, wait 3 Minutes and you’re finished.

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Easy Removal

Cast21 can be removed quickly without any special equipment.

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FDA Listed and Ready To Go

Cast21 completed its regulatory requirements and is now listed with the FDA.

From Clinicians

"It's super easy and the instructions are very clear."

- DME Lead, CO

"The art of medicine."

- Physician, TN

"I plan to use this every time it fits."

- Physician, IN

Explore Recent Customer Case Studies

Scaphoid Non-Union

Orthopedic Surgeon
Washington, DC
Academic Medical Center

Case: Patient had a 24 week scaphoid non-union. 2 weeks after surgery, patient asked for a Cast21 Immobilization Net, which was windowed and used with a bone stimulation device.

Wrist Fracture

Orthopedic Surgeon
Indiana, USA
Hand Specialty Department

Case: Patient wanted a waterproof and lightweight option ahead of a family trip to Disney World. Cast21 referred the patient to a new physician who had Cast21 technology.

Ganglion Cyst

Certified Orthotist
Illinois, USA

Case: Pediatric patient had a ganglion cyst removed and was vocal about discomfort in a fiberglass cast. Patient switched providers to receive a Cast21 Immobilization Net.

Distal Radial Fracture

Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon
Mississippi, USA
Hospital, Level 1 Trauma Center

Case: Patient had several injuries after a car crash and chose Cast21 technology to help with comfort and mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for this?
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Private and public payers are reimbursing. Each patient's plan is as unique as our product, and some states have different options. We are happy to work with you over a phone call.
How does the sizing work?
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Just like using fiberglass tape or prefabricated braces, you can pick the appropriate Cast21 product for your patient from a selection of sizes. You can do fine adjustments through molding, but you won't need heat, water, or light to do so. We have a handful (no pun intended) of ambidextrous sizes available.
What training is involved?
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Your Cast21 advocate can work with your clinic to certify your team in-person, virtually, or remotely. We only refer patients to clinicians who have been certified by our company to use Cast21 technology.
How long does Cast21 take to harden?
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Cast21 is designed to be a quick, simple, and easy alternative to conventional casting. It takes just three minutes to slide the sleeve on, fill it with the fast-curing resin, and wait for it to set.
How is Cast21 applied?
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Cast21 starts as a flexible hollow sleeve that is pulled over the limb like a glove. Then, an external pack of liquid is connected and transferred into the sleeve where it hardens and forms the brace’s rigid structure.
Does Cast21 use 3D printing?
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No, meaning your practice won’t need to purchase and store costly printing equipment. Unlike 3-D printed products, Cast21 braces are ready in minutes rather than hours or days.

What material is the Cast21 product?
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A special blend of resin that’s both strong and lightweight. Cast21 weighs less than a traditional cast and performs as well or better than conventional methods.

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