Cast21 | ElmanOrtho

Dr. Elman

Elman Ortho is an orthopedic practice with locations in Braintree and Foxboro, MA. It was founded by Dr. Michael Elman and his wife, Yelena, who have been serving their community for 12 years. Trained to treat a variety of ailments including sports injuries, bone fractures, joint pain, and arthroscopic surgery, the practice offers unique services to its patients.

“We proudly offer general and specialized services such as ultrasound-guided techniques outside of surgery centers,” says Yelena.

Dr. Elman is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who has been in private practice for 12 years. His wife, no stranger to the healthcare and medical field, is a former orthopedic trauma representative who helped him open his first clinic. Since then, the couple has been working together to help their community heal and feel supported, even through the pandemic. They take pride in servicing their patients and ensuring that their patients are taken care of even outside of the exam room.

“I strive to give people a lot of time. I make an effort to answer all my patients’ questions and try to be very thorough,” says Dr. Elman. “Our patients’ experience is very important to us. Our clinic’s website is integrated with an EMR. At the end of their visit, patients automatically get a survey. We use their feedback to improve our services and their experience with us.”

In the coming years, Dr. Elman hopes to further develop the business by opening new clinic locations and growing its team of professionals. 

We wish them continued success in this journey to build a healthier community. 

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