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As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Steven Kornweiss has seen it all. Throughout his decades-long career, he treated many patients suffering from preventable conditions on some of the worst days of their lives. Today's standard medical practices are focused on diagnoses and treatment rather than prevention. Kornweiss Medical is a bespoke clinic challenging this status quo by offering personalized, preventative medicine that takes an evidence-based and holistic approach to healthcare.

Kornweiss Medical offers nutritional, diagnostic, and mental health plans to help patients be the best versions of themselves. Longevity planning is so essential, and Kornweiss medical is one of the only clinics in the country to offer such comprehensive care.

"Knowledge is power if we want to be proactive and stay healthy for as long as possible," said Dr. Steven Kornweiss, MD physician for Kornweiss Medical. "Fear can cause decision-making paralysis when making decisions regarding your health. While we fight to control so many aspects of our lives, our health takes a backseat because many people do not know where to start."

Dr. Kornweiss offers comfort to patients not knowing how to begin getting a hold of their health goals by creating a personalized, long-term health plan. One of the ways this is done is through genetic testing. Genetic tests are paired with food journals, interviews, and other diagnostic tests to get a comprehensive snapshot of a patient's health. And these holistic, evidence-based approaches make a huge difference in his patients' lives. Patients are overcoming addiction, improving relationships with food, and sticking to diet and exercise plans thanks to Dr. Kornweiss's method.

With genetic testing, he found that a patient was at high risk for cardiovascular disease and was highly unlikely to be responsive to the most common medications prescribed for hypertension and high cholesterol. They then put together a wellness plan to reduce heart failure risks and identify pathways for potential treatments before the patient had a heart attack or was subjected to unhelpful medication. 

“His dedication to my health and longevity makes me feel like I am valued as a human and he truly cares for my well-being.He bridges the gap [...] in complementing your medical care to include not just testing but knowledge, wisdom, and insight presented in a way that is refreshing and allows you to take action,” says one of Dr. Kornweiss’s patients, Jason.

"At some point, we've all considered our mortality," said Kornweiss. "I wanted to create a practice where I could help patients gain control of their health and work with them to live long, healthy lives."

Today, Dr. Kornweiss treats patients in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and his practice is soon expanding to California. Patients in these states who are ready to live their best lives can learn more at kornweissmedical.com or @stevenkornweiss on Instagram and Facebook.

About Kornweiss Medical

Kornweiss Medical is a preventative medicine and wellness clinic offering unparalleled, comprehensive healthcare. Dr. Kornweiss is an emergency medicine physician and has spent the last three years specializing in longevity care.

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