Heal Without Holding Back

Cast21 changes the way you heal through a revolutionary approach to orthopedic technology.

The Cast Alternative for the 21st Century

The future of orthopedic technology has arrived. Cast21 braces are waterproof, breathable, and designed for your active lifestyle.

A Design Inspired By You

Clunky casts belong in the past. With Cast21, we reinvented recovery to fit your everyday life. Made for movement, built for comfort, and ready for whatever you throw at it, Cast21 does more so you can too.

kid in pool


Go ahead, get it wet.
No need to miss the pool party. Cast21 lets you bathe, swim, and play at the beach without the restriction of a traditional cast.

woman doing yoga


Cast21 weighs less than a traditional cast. Stay Active and keep on moving. Cast21 reduces time away from your favorite activities and training.

woman eating hamburger


Cast21’s open lattice structure allows for airflow that can help prevent skin issues like infections, dermatitis, itching, or bad odors.

Choose Your Color

Choose from awesome colors that harden to a unique gradient color mix.
Who says that having a cast shouldn’t be fun?

for colored cast21 casts

Everyone's Doing It

I hopped right in the shower without even thinking twice. Amazing!

- Mackenzie, Patient, MI

“No itch, no sweat. I forgot I was wearing it.”

- Lynne, Patient, TN

“It didn’t need a saw to be removed and my skin wasn’t all gross or smelly.”

- Angelica, Patient, IL

Infinitely better than a fiberglass cast. So much faster to put on and take off. I don't have to itch, and it dries by itself. I was hesitant at first, but the xrays showed nothing moved. I healed perfectly.

Iris, Patient, IL

10/10. It's easier to use and my patients actually ask for this more often than anything else.

Dr. Matt, Founding Physician, CA

Insurance companies who we've submitted claims to reimburse us pretty well

John, Director of Operations, CT

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Cast21 To Cure?
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Cast21 is designed to be a quick, simple, and easy alternative to conventional casting. It takes just three minutes to slide the sleeve on, fill it with the fast-curing resin, and wait for it to set.

Can I Remove Cast21 Myself?
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Please comply with your doctor’s instructions.

Do I have Any Color Options?
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Absolutely. We offer a variety of colors and one-of-a-kind patterns. Your doctor may even have some special options for you.

Can my friends sign it?
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Your friends and family can definitely still sign. Use a permanent market anywhere on the outside of the product.

How do I get this?
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Fill out our contact form using the Patient option. We will help you find a certified doctor.

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Do I Need Insurance for Cast21?
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We now offer self-pay opportunities for patients. Please fill out our contact form using the Patient option.

How can I get Cast21?

We'll help you have the conversation with your doctor.

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