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In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, medical technologies have revolutionized the way we approach patient care. From smartwatches providing real-time health monitoring to discreet hearing aids, we have witnessed incredible advancements in improving patients' well-being. 

However, when it comes to casts and splints, why are we still relying on products that can be irritating, difficult to remove, and compromised by water? It's time for a much-needed update in this crucial aspect of medical treatment. Enter Cast21, the groundbreaking alternative that is  transforming the way we heal fractures and dislocated bones.

The Need for Innovation

Every year, millions of people suffer from injuries that result in fractured or dislocated bones. As the number of patients increases, the demand for products that enhance the healing experience has soared. 

While plaster or fiberglass casts have traditionally been the standard of care, they come with their fair share of disadvantages. Moisture exposure can cause discomfort, unpleasant odors, and irritation for patients. Additionally, removing traditional casts with a saw can be traumatic, especially for pediatric patients.

Introducing Cast21

Adult patient wearing a purple Cast21 product

Cast21 is a groundbreaking casting alternative designed specifically for the demands of the 21st-century lifestyle. Unlike traditional casting methods, Cast21 eliminates the need for messy plaster or fiberglass bandages. Instead, the injured limb is placed into an open-lattice sleeve and filled with a fast-hardening proprietary formula. 

The result is a strong and seemingly weightless cast alternative that is comfortable to wear. Not only is Cast21 waterproof, but exposure to moisture does not cause any discomfort to the patient. Furthermore, the removal process is designed with comfort and safety in mind, eliminating the need for saws. Medical professionals can simply use special shears to cut through specialized sections along the product to free the limb.

Rigorous Testing for Effectiveness and Durability

Cast21 doesn't just provide convenience; it excels in mechanical performance as well. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure its effectiveness and durability. Independent third-party facilities conducted industry-standard tests to compare Cast21 to similarly-sized fiberglass casts. The results were nothing short of remarkable. 

Cast21 vs. Fiberglass Casts in Flexural Tests

Any orthopedic device must be able to withstand the physical stress of everyday life without compromising its rigidity. The Cast21 Short Arm Product is a lightweight mesh of various sizes filled with a standardized quantity of fast-hardening resin, as shown in the image below.

Closeup image of Cast21 being applied to a patient

Different sizes of the standard Cast21 Short Arm Product were compared to similarly-sized standard fiberglass casts in an industry-standard flexural test. The Cast21 Product and fiberglass materials were put under maximal, sustained force, mimicking some of the forces applied to the devices through daily wear by patients. The extent to which the respective devices were displaced, or deformed, by these forces were then measured. Data points from these devices are shown below.

Data-points illustrating the displacement on both Cast21 and Fiberglass casts after a series of flexural tests.

Testing the edge cases

Additionally, Cast21 Short Arm Products that were improperly applied were also evaluated, representing the lower bound of Cast21 Short Arm Product filling. The results from these devices are shown below.

Data points comparing Cast21 size M to Fiberglass Casts after flexural tests.

Displacement and Deformation Measurements

Bar graphs illustrating the displacement on both Cast21 and Fiberglass casts for each product size.

When comparing average displacement under maximal force between Cast21 Products and fiberglass casts of similar sizes, their differences become even more readily apparent. 

The bar graphs provided above clearly illustrate the disparity in outcomes between Cast21 Products and the industry standards from the tests described above.

The results showed that, for all tests, the Cast21 Product was less displaced, or damaged, when maximal force was applied to it than the fiberglass casts, meaning that the Cast21 Product was better able to accommodate everyday stresses before changing shape. 

In some cases, the Cast21 Product was even able to withstand greater force than similarly-sized fiberglass casts, even in the cases where the product wasn’t used properly!

Cast21's Exceptional Resilience and Durability for Orthopedic Care

The peak force at maximal displacement for all Cast21 Product sizes was always over 1000N of force, which is roughly equivalent to being hit by a 224-pound falling object and would reasonably be a super-physiological event for a point mass to apply force in this way. This exceptional resilience and durability make Cast21 a reliable and effective choice for orthopedic care.

Embracing Innovation

Closeup image of a handshake between two people, one of which is wearing Cast21

With casting technology remaining relatively unchanged for almost five decades, it is high time for an innovative approach. Standard orthopedic casts are water-sensitive, posing risks of skin irritation and infection. Additionally, their application and removal can be dangerous and require specialized tools and training. 

Cast21 offers a solution to these challenges by providing a physically-resilient, waterproof, lightweight, easy-to-apply, and simple-to-remove alternative. Its stability under physical stress and resistance to deformation set it apart from traditional casts, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Cast21 is the Optimal Choice for Orthopedic Care

Orthopedist applying Cast21 to patient with a broken wrist

As we continue to witness advancements in medical technology, it is essential to address common treatment challenges with simple yet effective solutions. Cast21 represents a significant leap forward in orthopedic care, providing a durable cast alternative for the modern era. 

Cast21 is physically-resilient, waterproof, lightweight, easy to apply, and simple to remove. The Cast21 Short Arm Product is physically stable when exposed to a range of physical forces. Cast21 is less displaced by the same physical force than similarly-sized fiberglass casts, and in some instances, even withstands greater physical force. Therefore, whereas fiberglass casts are relatively more brittle and liable to break, Cast21 Products are more resistant to deformation under physical stress.

By eliminating the drawbacks of traditional casts and splints, Cast21 revolutionizes the healing process, making it more comfortable and convenient for patients. It's time to embrace this innovative solution and usher in a new era of casting technology.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information on how Cast21 can help make the recovery process easier.

Read Cast21's white paper here.


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