Contacting Cast21: What to Expect?

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Cast21 creates modern medical devices for broken bones and beyond. Our goal is to change the way the world thinks about orthopedic casting technology, and our products have the potential to improve the lives of millions. 

We understand how important it is to get prompt and effective treatment for a broken bone. And although we don’t sell our products directly to patients, we are happy to help you find a doctor who can work with you. That's why we offer a contact form on our website to help connect you with the right medical professionals or work with the care team of your choice. 

When you fill out a Cast21 Contact form, we will ask for some basic information about your injury. We will then use this information to connect you with a doctor in your area who can evaluate your injury and determine if our products are right for you. 

Questions, Comments, Concerns? 

The simplest way to get in touch with us is to fill out our online contact form. Just provide your name, email address, and a message, and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you shortly. 

Doctors Requesting a Sample

We appreciate your interest in our company and products. If you are interested in requesting a sample, you can also fill out our online form. Please provide your contact information and let us know what interests you. We'll be happy to send you something. 

Sending Us a DM on Social Media

Alternatively, you can reach us through social media. We're active on both Instagram and Facebook, and we're always happy to respond to messages and comments. However, keep in mind that we will probably ask you to fill out a contact form so that we can streamline our communications. 

What Happens When You Reach Out

When you hit “send,” our team immediately begins working to connect you with professionals who can provide you with the proper care. We research local clinics and providers to find an establishment accepting new patients who meet your needs. 

We then reach out to them on your behalf to let them know you will be requesting an appointment. This way, you will be getting the care you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We're here to help you every step of the way.

If you already have a preferred doctor, we will send you information to bring to your next appointment. We are always open to working with your preferred clinic if you don’t want to switch care teams. 

While we are eager to connect you with doctors who can provide you with this technology, we realize not everyone will qualify for our modern orthopedic casting technology. Your doctor will be able to make this determination during your exam.  If you don't qualify, your doctor will provide suggestions for your next steps.  We recommend staying up to date on our website and social media channels. We'll be sure to announce any changes or updates to our casting alternative as soon as they're available, and you may be able to qualify for it in the future. 

How We Use Your Information

At Cast21, we are committed to protecting your privacy, so we take care to collect only the information that we need to provide you with the best possible care.

Rest assured that all of your health information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to provide you with the best possible care according to our privacy policy.

What to Expect if You Are Approved for Cast21

Once you have been approved for Cast21 by a doctor, our team will work with the clinic to ensure that everything is in place logistically. Your product could even arrive the same day!

How Was Your Experience? 

Our team wants nothing more than for you to have a smooth experience from start to finish. We hold our partners to a very high standard, and your input helps us improve the quality of care we provide. Please take a moment to fill out our patient survey form and let us know what you thought of the process. You can expect a “thank you” from us for participating in the survey. 

Thank You for Choosing Cast21 

We understand that choosing the right treatment option can be overwhelming, but we're committed to helping you find the best possible care for your broken bone, and we'll be with you every step of the way. 

Thank you for choosing Cast21!

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