Supply Chain Manager



Cast21 is a rapidly growing medical device startup whose mission is to change the way the world heals, starting with broken bones. We are committed to developing safe, effective products for orthopedic applications. Creative and clever people with a passion for change drive the company’s success. 

We are seeking a Supply Chain Manager - part time and full time to help the team ensure on time delivery to all of its stakeholders. This position is located in Chicago with a hybrid work model. You will focus on maintaining inventory positions and communicating needs and schedules to support the quality team through its operations. This will include forecasting, scheduling, and weekly meetings. Working closely with the team, you will inform strategies for optimizing supply chain activities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain inventory forecasters
  • Manage raw material and production life cycles
  • Create supply chain strategies to increase efficiency
  • Assist with production scheduling

Minimum Requirements for this Position

  • Logistics
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Well organized
  • Microsoft Office/Google Drive

Relevant experience in the following areas is a plus

  • Manufacturing
  • Regulated industries
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