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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this covered by insurance?
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At this time, the Cast21 product is not covered by your insurance. However, your clinic visit may be covered if you have standard insurance. Please check with your care team or insurance company for broken bone treatment coverage.
What if I get to my clinic and they say I don’t qualify for this technology?
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It is very important that you do not order this product until a doctor or other medical professional tells you that you have a stable wrist fracture and do not need surgery. Complete Step 2 and then wait for further instruction before proceeding. Sales are final and non-refundable.
I submitted everything. Now what?
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Your Cast21 product is on its way! It will be sent to you and held at the clinic for your appointment. Your care team has been alerted, and there are no more actions for you to take. Get well soon.
I already have a doctor that is not a part of Sprout Health or I do not live near Sydney. Can I have my local doctor use it?
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Potentially! You cannot bring it to a different doctor without consulting us first. Please contact us here.
I’m not in Australia. Can I still order this?
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No, patients outside of Australia cannot order this and bring it to their doctor. If you attempt to order this for yourself and you do not live in Australia or you do not intend to visit one of our certified providers, you will not receive Cast21 treatment and your payment will not be refunded.